Facebook and Twitter. The newest online shopping sites? Looks like it might be happening. With larger integration of advertising on both sites, Facebook is testing a “Buy” button on its ads and Twitter has acquired a payments infrastructure company, in order to better serve advertisers. Will consumers like the idea of purchasing items through these sites? Looks like we’ll have to find out.

Shakira is the first person to reach 100 million fans on Facebook. Her ever-growing fan base is from around the world and seem to congregate on her Facebook page. Of all the people with fan pages on Facebook, it shows that you don’t have to be Justin Bieber or Katy Perry to have dedicated fans. Keeping doing you, Shakira. 

Latest trends on Facebook and Twitter? “I’m So” insert name of your city. This phrase has been used as a hashtag to then go on and describe why you are so stereotypical of your city. This trend caught on in Chicago, Detroit, and Tennessee as of recent. Give your city a shout out and let us know why you are so ______.

Search and share viewing? Looks like this is a reality that will be changing the way consumers watch their shows. With the ability to call back an episode by theme or character, especially with a show on air as long as The Simpsons, viewers will be able to satisfy their need to watch an episode that came out in 2003, or any year for that matter. The ability to have this much power over our viewing experiences, prompts me to remind us “With great power, comes great responsibility.” 

In a world where it is common practice to use email lists to keep clients or internal people in the know, it can be difficult to keep things fresh. It is important to remember that actual people will be reading these emails. Just because you may be using a template email platform, remember to keep things fresh so we don’t have do deal with the dreaded “Unsubscribe” button. 

The argument may never end about how to pronounce “GIF” but this article argues that both pronunciations are correct. This argument starter is a reminder that when something is born online and read rather that spoken that everyone has their own versions of words and pronunciations. Food for thought. 

We’ve all done it in conversations. Quoting our favorite TV shows or even commercials is something that brings us together as a culture. Consumers, us included, will quote something or socially share that resonates with them. As marketers, we need to remember that if we want to be remembered, we are going to have to create something worth talking about, or even better, quoting. 

With 85 million Americans employed in jobs that involve primarily sitting, Cubii is working to combat sitting disease. Sitting disease, the issue of not getting up and moving around enough and the effects it has on people’s health, is becoming ever more present. Cubii is a portable elliptical machine that is designed to fit under a desk, and the constant movement helps increase work productivity and avoid restlessness. The best part? It is compact in comparison to other desk treadmills and tools, as well as very affordable! Want one? They start shipping in December, right in time to battle the holiday season.

With Apple on the front end of changing the way we lock our phones, Motorola has partnered with VivaLnk to create a new way for users to unlock the Moto X. With the help of top designers, Motorola and VivaLnk created a digital tattoo that lasts for about 5 days and withstands water, sweat, and more. Simply tap your Moto X on the digital tattoo and you’re in. These tattoos are currently on sale in the US , priced at $9.99 for a pack of 10. Innovative and interesting, Motorola!

FiftyThree first created Paper, an app that made drawing, sketching and doodling easy. Then they came out with the high-end Pencil stylus, giving aspiring creatives an electronic option of the same old familiar feeling of pencil in hand. Reinventing the wheel in this case, is a great thing! Paper + Pencil has allowed designers to have a canvas again, but this time, digitally.

Too good to be true? For once, no! Researchers at Catalytic Clothing have been working on a laundry detergent that places nano sized particles of titanium dioxide into your clothes that then when you walk acts as a smog eater. Hard to believe? This chemical has been used in roads and buildings, but researchers think clothing will be best because with the movement, you are creating more air circulation. First place to market? China. Hurrah for clean air AND clean clothes!

Applebee’s is taking a big risk with the opportunity for big reward with the announcement that they will be allowing customers to run their Instagram account. What this means is that they will be allowing customers to submit photos of their Applebee’s experience and the company will have challenges and games with prizes for participation. What an opportunity for a brand to be truly social in a social space, however if anyone remembers when Skittles tried this a few years back, it could be disastrous as well. Interesting move Applebee’s! We’ll be intrigued to see if a user generated content style of marketing catches on with other brands as well.

Zach Braff used Kickstarter to fund a film he wanted to make called “Wish I Was Here.” Braff said he used the site as more of a social experiment, and was shocked with how much of a response he received. There was much speculation by the public about him using Kickstarter to create a film. The Internet has also been up in arms posting reviews of the film. When it comes down to it, Braff says, “I get to go out on this scavenger hunt for 26 days. [Kickstarter let me do what regular producers wouldn’t:] Give me 12 hours a day for 26 days to collect everything I think is right, all the imagery I want. Then let me exhale and now let me find the movie.” Regardless of the pro’s and con’s of the situation, in the end, way to get around the boundaries of Hollywood and create something that you believe in, ZB!

Walking and texting, calling, jamming out, or dominating in Candy Crush is becoming a hazard, ask one of our own, Johnny. However, there is an app coming out that will use Wi-Fi signals sent from your phone to alert you of oncoming traffic. Is this going to fix the problem of distracted pedestrians or just further it? We are already typing away at that screen not paying attention, is another distraction really going to help the cause? Maybe the solution is to, dare I say, unplug?

Who would have thought Home Depot would be the first place to bring 3D printing to households near you? Well yes, they are. The retailer will be selling MakerBot products in trial locations such as New York, LA and Chicago. This is big news for small business’ and households, creating an opportunity to print in 3D one may not have thought they could have. As well as bigger companies who may not have considered 3D printing as an option, you better start considering it. Now, what is this going to look like for marketing, advertising and promotion?