With 85 million Americans employed in jobs that involve primarily sitting, Cubii is working to combat sitting disease. Cubii is a portable elliptical machine that is designed to fit under a desk, and the constant movement helps increase work productivity and avoid restlessness. Cubii connects to smartphones and fitness trackers via bluetooth, allowing users to track of daily activity. The projects is currently seeking funding from a Kickstarter campaign and plans to begin shipping in December.

Too good to be true? For once, no! Researchers at Catalytic Clothing have been working on a laundry detergent that places nano sized particles of titanium dioxide into your clothes that then when you walk acts as a smog eater. Hard to believe? This chemical has been used in roads and buildings, but researchers think clothing will be best because with the movement, you are creating more air circulation. First place to market? China. Hurrah for clean air AND clean clothes!

As if our Instagram feed’s aren’t already clogged with pictures of the latest and greatest food creations eaten by friends, celebs and others, Applebee’s is going to be tossing their hat in the ring now too. They just announced they will be allowing customers to run their Instagram account. What this means is that they will be allowing customers to submit photos of their Applebee’s experience and the company will have challenges and games with prizes for participation. Interesting move Applebee’s! We’ll be interested to see if a user generated content style of marketing catches on with other restaurants as well.

Zach Braff, star of the show Scrubs, used Kickstarter to fund a film he wanted to make called “Wish I Was Here”. Braff said he used the site as more of a social experiment, and was shocked with how much of a response he received. There was much speculation by the public about him using this method, and the internet has been up in arms in reviews of the film after its release July 18. When it comes down to it, Braff says, “I get to go out on this scavenger hunt for 26 days. [Kickstarter let me do what regular producers wouldn’t]: Give me 12 hours a day for 26 days to collect everything I think is right, all the imagery I want. Then let me exhale and now let me find the movie.” Is it kosher for celebrities to use the funding website even when they seem to have money coming out of their eyeballs? You tell us.

Walking and texting, calling, jamming out, or dominating in candy crush is becoming a hazard, ask one of our own, Johnny. However, the good news is there is an app coming out that will use wifi signals sent from your phone to alert you of oncoming traffic. Is this going to fix the problem of distracted pedestrians or just further it? We are already typing away at that screen not paying attention, is another distraction really going to help the cause? Maybe the solution is to, dare I say, unplug?

Who would have thought Home Depot would be the first place to bring 3D printing to households near you? Well yes, they are. The retailer will be selling MakerBot products in trial locations such as New York, LA and Chicago. 3D printed door knobs anyone?

While smartwatches could make us even more addicted to the online world, the Ritot is taking constant connectivity to the extreme. This new watch, planning to be released to backers in 2015, projects time, notifications from Twitter, Facebook, and other social channels onto the back of your hand. The device synchs with your smartphone to alert you of happenings in real time. So my Mickey Mouse watch isn’t top of the line anymore I guess?

Some people opt out of wearing a protective helmet to wear while biking because of its often unflattering looks. Fret no more, cyclists! Bandbox, a company out of New Jersey has created bike helmets disguised as your average hat. With various styles for men and women, you now can bike safely and stylishly.

Kudos to the Miami Ad School for creating these print ad’s showcasing how some of the best logos all began with a Sharpie. We see you Sharpie!

Weird Al continues to drop knowledge one parody at a time with his release this week of his new album, “Mandatory Fun” featuring songs including “Tacky” and “Word Crimes.” The wave of social response was H-U-G-E. We can’t wait to see what’s happens July 21, which marks the 25th anniversary of UHF. Check them out on Weird Al’s website.

Mayo Clinic has been ranked the best hospital in the United States, ahead of other care providers, including Johns Hopkins Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital by US News and World Report. Mayo Clinic was additionally ranked #1 or #2 in 11 of the 16 ranked adult specialties. Represent!  

Embarrassed to wear the plastic bracelet around your wrist informing the world of your fitness aspirations? Have no fear, designer Tory Burch has partnered with company Fitbit to create trendy pieces that pass off as jewelry, versatile for day or night. Therefore, you don’t have to stop tracking your active minutes or sleep schedule in fear that your Fitbit doesn’t match your outfit of the day.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s Project Zero! Google revealed today a team of researchers who will hunt for vulnerabilities across the Internet. This team was assembled to keep your internet experience safe, and for you to not live in fear of being watched by Big Brother or have your identity stolen. Superhero of the Internet? That’s what it sounds like! Read on to find out the details on their work.

We’ve heard things like this before from California, but this week the colossal state has re-emerged in the news for passing a petition that would allow the state to split into six states. The Golden State break up has resurfaced and has everyone talking about life in California, once again. 

About six weeks ago, Apple unveiled Swift, a new code language designed exclusively for the Apple ecosystem at WWDC. While the verdict is still out on whether or not Swift will be a success, the hot debate is whether or not Apple’s launch strategy will help it go right where Google’s launch of “Go” in 2009 went wrong. Only time…and Reddit…will tell.