With the World Cup scheduled to take place in Qatar in 2022, construction is underway for Lusail, a tourist attraction and model 21st-century city. Lusail is being built on waterfront desert along the Persian Gulf with one of the main attractions being Lusail Stadium, expected to be the site of the final FIFA World Cup game in 2022. The city will include many features to combat the Qatar summer heat including a mote around the soccer stadium, solar panels, and a cold water network to keep buildings cool. The city will include housing for about 250,000 people, a commercial district, a lagoon, four islands, two marinas, a shopping mall, a hospital, a zoo and two golf courses. Controversy has surrounded the selection of Qatar for the World Cup, but Lusail is set to be completed in 2019, even if the soccer tournament is moved to another location, though it will lose some of its appeal if that is the case. 

The Manning brothers are back again with another…chart topper? Maybe we won’t go that far, but it is catchy! Doing a spot for DirecTV’s Fantasy Zone Channel, take a peak for a good laugh and some funny lines from some of the NFL’s greatest.

One would think that if their friend favorited something it might be of interest to that person as well. At least that’s what Twitter was thinking. This week the little bird tested this concept on a select group of users to much backlash with people claiming things such as “If i wanted this on my newsfeed I would follow that account in the first place” and so on. Is Twitter taking away the purpose and reasoning people loved it in the first place? The ability to control who and what you see. Who knows if this test will turn into a standard of the app, but for now it sounds like a big fat no.

Watching movies with someone else is part of what makes them so great. Being able to see someone else’s reaction when Jaw’s eats yet another naive swimmer or watching Casablanca just for the line “Here’s looking at you kid” one more time because it’s your favorite. Now thanks to Rabbit you can do this virtually. The chat site launched a few years back with issues ranging from usability only for Mac’s to slow browser speed to unnecessary log in’s and permission. Now back and better than ever, you can watch a movie with your kid back home if you are on business or with your long distance relationship. Yet another way to make person to person interaction possible thanks to technology!

Classify, an ad agency for classifieds is taking your dry, boring, Craigslist posts and giving them a glamorous makeover, wait for it….for free! "We started this agency because we saw that there was a whole world of ads that really needed improvement," says Pat Davis, who is a copywriting intern at the New York City agency 360i and launched the project in his spare time with two friends. The ads are more for entertainment purposes than information, but the creators say their main point is to bring interest and entertainment to an otherwise lackluster segment of advertising. Rock on!

Social media has been blowing up as of late with videos of people dumping buckets of cold water on themselves. The challenge seen round the world is in support of ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. The campaign is under scrutiny by some saying that it is narcissistic and a version of “would you rather” instead of showcasing true charity. However, Forbes made a good point noting aren’t all “charities” a bit narcissistic? Naming a wing of a hospital after the donor, corporate philanthropy, etc. The important thing is that whether it be anonymous or named giving, it is giving. Raising awareness for any cause puts that cause one step further than it was before. Bring on the ice buckets!

MIT graduates are taking high end fashion and making it affordable. Being one of the first of it’s kind, Theorem is an e-commerce site that allows it’s users to barter for the price they would like to pay for an item. Items can be bought for up to 60% off the listing price. How do they make money then? By people paying more than just the lowest price, they can afford to have a few bottom line purchases. Theorem founders say brands work with them to gain new business and brand awareness, (generally they target up and coming designers and brands). It looks like there is a change in tide in e-commerce that may lead to more money in our pocket books!

Watch out Kim K, your selfie book may have met its match. One reddit user made a visit to the Crawford Art Gallery in Cork, Ireland and the result was a little unexpected: Statue selfies. 

Vans brings experiential marketing to Old Vic Tunnels at London Waterloo with the second iteration of the House of Vans. This untraditional venue features a skate park, cafe, art gallery, cinema, concert stage, and artist studios. After a somewhat delayed outreach to millennials, Vans is following suit of other lifestyle brands, including Levis and Converse, upping its cool factor with digital natives connecting through unique, one-of-kind memorable experiences.

 HotelTonight, the hotel booking app, has launched its first national brand campaign. Previously focusing on targeted performance-driven app install ads, the mobile-centric brand has shifted gears from transaction to branding exclusively through Instagram. The campaign featuring work shot by celebrity portrait photographer John Keatley, is fueling continued interest from advertisers in Instagram’s partnership potential.

This week, Michael Jackson’s posthumous video  “A Place With No Name” was premiered exclusively on Twitter via Jackson’s Twitter account, making it the first-ever music video to launch on the 140 character app. Within the first 12 hours, the video had been retweeted more than 42,000 times, underscoring the purposeful shift by entertainment companies to reach fans directly on social first. Bow down to the King of Pop, everyone.

Billie Whitehouse is reinventing the wheel when it comes to wearable tech, designing products that are actually wearable and provide a seamless user experience. Soon we may all be wearing blazers that buzz to tell us which direction to go, shirts that allow us to immerse ourselves into the pro athlete game experience and underwear that…well, more after the jump.

In another example of a Twitter Q&A going sour, the #AskJameis hashtag quickly turned ugly. Remember, there are  rules in social media: be social, amiable, interesting, genuine, funny, smart and beware the trolls. We have to wonder who decided to have this player do the Q&A. Surely, there is a FSU player who isn’t involved in any drama. The Internet trolls have trolled their way to the top again.

Start-ups often need a provocative angle to gain attention and build brand awareness through social media buzz and audience advocacy. However not all buzz is good buzz. OnePlus proves that by shamelessly promoting their product by degrading women. So, will consumers find OnePlus Hot or Not? Our guess is not.

Mat Honan, writer for Wired magazine, took on the personal challenge of seeing what liking everything - literally - that Facebook sent his way. The results were a bit shocking. He went from updates from friends and a few buzz feed quizzes and news articles to complete brand takeover. When liking everything on his newsfeed, even things he didn’t even like, the robots behind what you see on your news feed slowly filtered out the people and left only brands. Does this mean Facebook will eventually not be a “social” network anymore and instead a branding network? Read on to explore.